29 Aug 2012

Oxford Towers

Oxford Towers A6 card has recently been added to my etsy shop at very affordable price! Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/108002668/oxford-towers-a6-card-with-envelope


whiterose42 said...

Great idea the etsy shop! I've checked it out and am now looking forward to receiving 'Oxford Towers'!

...just a thought I had yesterday, I think your work would go down really well at somewhere like 'Liberty' in London...they love a young up and coming designer or artisan and the products they chose to stock are often 'quirky' for want of a better word to describe your fab art. You already have John Lewis interested so why not spread the net?
...It wouldn't hurt to investigate further whether they might want to stock some of the cards you're producing...and later who knows what else?
Dream big, there are no limits...just opportunities and something tells me that it's how you network that determines your level of success.

Have a great week
Fiona :)

Chetan said...

Thank you for buying 'Oxford Towers' and your support, really appreciate it! :) Your absolutely right about approaching companies like Liberty, you need to get in contact with them so they can notice you. Also, how you network totally helps determine the level of success, I totally agree. You've inspired me! Have a great week too, I will be sending it off for you tomorrow :) Che