12 Apr 2012


Recently got a film developed and here are some of the best shots from my lomo! :) A mixture of Morocco & London!

9 Apr 2012

Blog and Buy Sale & Ohh Deer giveaway!

The good folks of Blog and Buy Sale and Ohh Deer recently ran a lucky dip giveaway on twitter and I was one of their winners-whoop! I received my goodies in the post yesterday (image above) and you can never have enough sketchbooks. :)

3 Apr 2012


Hey everyone, I recently entered a competition on IdeasTap to be featured on the Poolga website and was chosen as one of the winners! Poolga is a website where you download artwork by illustrators and artists for your iphone or ipad and this week you can download two of my pieces 'Edinburgh Towers' and 'Glasgow Towers' here:

2 Apr 2012

Deconstructed Moon

This was a vision I saw during a dream, and I remember seeing the moon putting itself back together mechanically. Who knows, it could be true!