26 Aug 2009


Recently, I've been interested in drawing vehicles that are really overloaded! I think they are great and love the idea that there is always room for more and somehow some of these vehicles actually make it to their destination!

20 Aug 2009

Risk Assessment

Hello everyone, these are some images that I created while I was on a work experience at an advertising agency. The images were roughs for an a credit insurance company and one of the ideas for the advert was having something go wrong in a business or office environment. Although, it was quite a boring subject for me I tried to make the most of it!

17 Aug 2009


Another scan from my sketchbook, this one being of Clowns. I don't find them that scary but I know some people do, sorry if i scared you!

13 Aug 2009


These are some recent scans from my sketchbook, been getting back into drawing cities (nothing new there!)

5 Aug 2009

Arty Things

Here are some photos of nice and arty things I have seen in through my creative eye in the last week or so. The first is Supermundane's design for the window I came across in Soho, his drawings are playful and I like the style of his drawing, check out his website here. The other photos were taken in a Indian restaurant I went to where firework art covered all the walls, I would keep finding a noticing a different image every time I looked up whilst eating my chicken briyani...:-)

3 Aug 2009

Old Work

I was sorting through my hard drive the other day and I came across these old illustrator images I did that I haven't posted before on the blog. These were for a book about the beginning of the world, I will post a few more images from the book if I come across them...