25 Nov 2008

Work Experience

I've been as busy as Obama recently but I somehow found time to help out an talented illustrator (Andy MacGregor) who needed some plinths and chest draws painted and drawn on for the River Island Press Office. I also helped him to make this cardboard 'bang' model which is being used along side 3D stars for the window display of Uni Qlo-Regent's Street! If you do pass the Oxford St, Regent St or High St Kensington UniQlo's, have a look, they have all been designed by Andy!

20 Nov 2008

Some things I like

My book is still under construction, meanwhile here are some Illustrations and photos that I have come across on the web that I like.
peace out!

13 Nov 2008

Book Project

These are some scans from my sketchbook of a book I am making which is Untitled at the moment. The book will contain literal illustrations of phrases used on the street and road....more will be revealed soon....stay posted, peace out!

6 Nov 2008

Campa Store Houses!

I was working at the Campa Store, Old Bond St, for my waitering job and I came across these shoes boxes that had been turned into houses as well as presenting shoes.Inside some of the boxes were living rooms and bedrooms, cool stuff!

4 Nov 2008

Ill Met By Moonlight

Its been a bit quiet on the blog, so I thought I would upload these roughs of a poster for my interpretation of the story and quote-"Ill Met By Moonlight". The quote basically means a bad meeting under moonlight, and i thought i would illustrate a 'ill meeting' with a wild animal in an alley way.