20 Dec 2008

Uniqlo window

This is a photo from the front window of Uniqlo, High St Kensington, London, and i made the base for this cardboard display as shown in the post below!

14 Dec 2008


Here is a a3 drawing of signboards i did for an editorial about removing ugly signboards in Seoul, South Korea. Its not the final piece but just an possible idea. Plently more to come...

4 Dec 2008

Look Right >>>

Mornin', afternoon, evening ppl, here are some illustrations from the book I have been working on which is going to be called "Look Right". There are going to be two versions of the book, these illustrations are for the neat version of the book, and as soon as the other version of the book is done, I will post photos of those. Enjoy these in the mean time and stay warm!