30 Mar 2011

28 Mar 2011


Whenever you get on the tube on Monday or any day, you see people falling asleep or trying to stay awake, its too hard not to draw...

16 Mar 2011

Chalky by nature.

Here is some of the chalk work I was doing whilst at YCN. It was to encourage visitors to the shop, to join the amazing library.

11 Mar 2011

World Plumbing Day

An illustration for the YCN website celebrating World Plumbing Day, which is today! Below is another idea I had for it and a drawing of a plumber's crack, it had to be done.

2 Mar 2011

Pick of the week's book at YCN

Howdy, I was kindly asked by the folks at YCN to pick three books to be added to their ever growing and amazing library. I chose these three books, which I think are a must for any artist's bookshelves! Links to the books can be found on the here .