28 Mar 2009

More Minimizing

Here are some more paintings I have done looking at spaces and minimizing them. The top painting is Trelick Tower near Golborne Road, 2nd one down is Little Venice, and the last one is Kilburn Bridge.

22 Mar 2009

Minimizing Life

Evening people, its a been a little quiet here on the blog but I have been working hard so no need to worry! This is a new style that I have been using recently and is a total opposite to my usually busy and detailed drawings! If your wondering where the locations of the paintings are, the top one is Hyde Park and the one below is Covent Garden, more to be uploaded soon....

15 Mar 2009

11 Mar 2009

New Stickers on the Block

I have recently made some new stickers and have put them into action on the streets of London, this one was placed on a cycling sign in Hyde Park.