31 Jan 2009

Portobello Market/East London

Here are some sketches that I have been done of Portobello Market, West London and a drawing from my sketchbook of East London. I have to admit my hand nearly froze off when doing these drawings but I think it was worth it!

25 Jan 2009

Sketchbook work

Its been a bit quiet on here but thats not a bad thing as I have been beavering away on my major project. The theme of my major project is 'mapping' with London being the main subject, and recently I have been drawing around London and here are some sketches, more to come, peace out!

12 Jan 2009

City Songbirds Change Their Tune

Howdy, these are two illustrations I completed for an editorial brief which is entitled: "City Songbirds Change Their Tune", i'm sure this vision is not too far away....

1 Jan 2009

New Year, New Work

Happy New Year and all that jazz. What better way to start the new year by showing work from last year! This was the final piece of my Korean signboards project.