22 Feb 2010

Secret Wars

Last week, I went to my first Secret Wars event, which was being held at the Book Club, Old St. The event is basically a draw off between artists and the winner is decided by judges and the noise of the crowd. On this night it was between a team of artists from London and Amsterdam, with London being victorious against a very drunk Amsterdam team!

19 Feb 2010

Interesting Things

Above are some photos I took of a mural, which was painted near my house. I think they should do murals like this with the side of buildings, it would make certain areas feel so much more creative and exciting. The sketchbooks are ones I have yet to touch, one was a gift from a very good friend of mine and the other I picked up at a shop. I thought I would share them as they are unusual sketchbook covers and make difference to the boring black coloured sketchbook covers!

11 Feb 2010

Architecture for Everyone

I've been invited to blog on the 'Architecture for Everyone' website. The website is a nationwide project which encourages young people from Britain's inner cities to consider a career in architecture and urban planning. You can check my first blog post here and the main website by clicking on the logo above.

1 Feb 2010