26 Jul 2010

Xieng Khuan (Spirit City)

Here are some photos of the amazing Xieng Khuan (Spirit City) otherwise known as the Buddha park, I visited in Laos. The park contains many sculptures of Buddhas and characters from Hinduism. There is also a giant sculpture that has 3 levels, representing hell, earth and heaven, in which you enter through a demon's mouth and you get great views of the park from the top. Amazing! :-)

19 Jul 2010

Stencil Class in Laos

Hey everyone, whilst on my travels through South East Asia, I took part in a stencil class in Laos learning a traditional stencil technique that is used by Buddhist monks to decorate temples in Luang Prabang. Under the guidance of Anousith Phonethasith (Sith), he taught me the technique of using chisel like tools to cut motifs and patterns out of handmade paper. I throughly enjoyed the class and would recommend anyone else to take part in class if you ever go to Luang Prabang in Laos. Sith is a very talented artist and here are some links to his website, which features some of his amazing designs!