17 Mar 2010

Animal drawings

Here are some more drawings from sketchbook, these were drawn at the Natural History Museum, always a great location to go drawing.

15 Mar 2010


These are some scans from my sketchbook, which were drawn while I was waiting for my visa at the Indian Embassy and while I was on the tube.

9 Mar 2010

I heart fisheye lens

These are some fish eye lens photographs of my hoarding courtesy of my good friend and fellow illustrator VyBeINK, me likey! :)

2 Mar 2010

Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square Hoarding

Big big news! Last year, I entered a competition run by 'Heart of London', in which they asked artists and illustrators to design a hoarding that would be installed on the corner of Orange St/St Martin Street, W1 (off Leicester Square/Haymarket in central London). My design was chosen by the judges and it has recently been installed! Here are some shots of the hoarding, and if you live or are visiting London soon, try and see it, I've provided a drawn map and it should hopefully be up for a while! :)