19 Oct 2008

Spy planes on power lines!

These are some illustrations for an editorial article about spy planes that are going to be designed to cling to powerlines so that they can recharge. Crazy old world!

11 Oct 2008

Powerlines Galore

Here is a recent drawing of lots and lots of powerlines I completed on a1 sized paper! It is part of the power project, in which I have been looking at the way power is transported.

6 Oct 2008


Here are some photos of a random collaboration with some fellow illustrators friends. It wasn't really planned out, but something had to be done on that massive piece of cardboard, it was a blank canvas!

3 Oct 2008

More night time images

These images have been created for a project on 'Power' and I have been looking at the way power is connected and transported through powerlines.