28 Feb 2009

Something for the weekend

A while back I was working on a book called 'Look Right', which was illustrating word plays of the highway code and here is the finished book, enjoy...

24 Feb 2009

Oxford Circus

Afternoon people, following on from my lost property on the tube project, I have been illustrating tube stations names and Oxford Circus is one the first ones I have done, I have also done another version of it which will be posted shortly, stay tuned folks!

19 Feb 2009

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

Evenin' ladies and gentlemaaaan, these are some photos of my artwork on the front cover of the magazine Elephant Legs. The magazine also came with a free badge featuring my buildings, lets hope its the first of many front covers!

17 Feb 2009

Inside Tigz's Mind

Here is an dark and creepy illustrator called Tigz who is currently working on a book called 'Wonderland?' which is a twisted version of the classic 'Alice In Wonderland' story. Her work is a combination of photography and photoshop and above is an exclusive shot of Alice. The other image is a favourite of mine from her website:



she also has a blog which should be looked at unless your scaredy cat!

16 Feb 2009

Lost Property on the tube

These are the illustrations I produced about lost property on tube, some stuff was so random, but I think my favourite had to be the grandfather clock and the stuffed eagle!

10 Feb 2009

Drawings on the wall

The writing is on the wall....well, the drawing is. Here's some photos of my wall in the studio, i'm currently working on a project about Lost Property on the tube, stay tuned!

6 Feb 2009

1/2 a kilo darlin'?

ho, ho, ho, here are some more sketches from markets, these ones are from Shepherd's Bush Market. I have to say I got used to smell of fish when I was drawing them, maybe I should think about becoming a fishmonger if I don't make it as an illustrator.............................nahhh.