29 Dec 2011

Bear on a bike cycles to Andaman Islands!

Exclusive photo of my bear on a bicycle tote bag making it all the way to Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, many thanks to friend and fellow sunset lover Manveena who took it there :)

15 Dec 2011

Asethetic of Lostness

Guten tag! I've just come back from 5 amazing days in Berlin, and met nomadic graphic designerChelsea Watson who runs a lovely blog, and she has very kindly featured me on her blog. You can check that out in full here: http://www.aestheticoflostness.org/search/label/inspiration

I'm loving the map that she has featured on her map, tracking her route so far!

27 Nov 2011

Sketchbook work

Align Centre
Align Centre

Align Centre

Here are some doodles and drawings from my sketchbook. The top drawing is an imaginative city from my head and the 2nd drawing is from Primrose Hill of London (a real city)

17 Nov 2011


YCN invited me and many other talented illustrators to work as a visualizers for Merlin Entertainments conference in Blackpool. It was great day out by the seaside and spending time with the YCN crew and fellow practitioners. Here are some photos of the town, more to follow of what what was actually happened on the day...

10 Nov 2011

Neon Dim Sum

Here was my entry for the Drawing Crowds exhibition, inspired by my trip to Hong Kong last year and the main signboards I saw. The exhibition is still on until the 20th November, come along! :)

2 Nov 2011

Drawing Crowds

Tomorrow (3rd November) is the day 'Drawing Crowds' opens at the Stone Space, Leytonstone. The exhibition focuses on exploratory drawing and will be featuring my artwork-"Dim Sum Daily" (thumbnail above). It will be open until the 20th November and more details can be found on the facebook page and the website. Hope you to see you there! :)

6 Church Lane
London E11 1HG.

25 Oct 2011

2 to the Power 10 exhibition

I recently took part in a postcard art project, that was recently organized by the Orange Dot Gallery, CassArt, and Geoffery Harrison. The postcard was sent to me in the post that was a section of a larger image created by Robbies Brown Shoes and I was asked to illustrate/decorate it however I liked. Above our some photos of the finished piece and the private view. The exhibition is currently on until the end of the month at the Orange Dot Gallery, Tavistock Place, London. Hope you get to see it! :)

13 Oct 2011

Jammie Dodger Storyboards

Last month, I was commissioned to create some storyboards for Jammie Dodger biscuits to be used as indents for ITV's Saturday night line up. The brief was to have the 3 monkeys competing of who has the better biscuits, pushing the screen around in different and cheeky ways.

3 Oct 2011

Google-Think Quarterly

I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing project for Google, through creative agencies 'Church of London' and 'YCN'. Along with 12 other super talented illustrators, we had to illustrate the cover for Google's Think Quarterly magazine-the 'People' issue. We worked on a giant canvas that was filled with many doodles and was photographed, edited, and turned into 2,500 totally unique covers! The top 3 images are some of the contributions I made to the massive canvas.

There is also a short 'making of' video on youtube, which you can view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJUYr-6hWkM&noredirect=1

You can view the full magazine here: http://www.thechurchoflondon.com/work/customer-publishing/think-quarterly-%E2%80%93-the-people-issue/