28 Jul 2009

Seymour Magazine

Here are some photos of my illustrations being used in Seymour magazine, there was also a feature about my stickers as well!

23 Jul 2009

Creepy Hands Sunset

Here some random photos I have taken on my phone over the past few weeks, I was quite happy about the way my horror hands photos turned out!

22 Jul 2009

New York

Here are some more illustrations from the same article for Seymour magazine, this one referring to work experience in New York.

21 Jul 2009


Here are some editorial illustrations I done for Seymour magazine. The article was about someone's work experience in the fashion industry in Amsterdam. I also did one about New York, and I'll post some of that work later this week and get some photos of the magazine as well!

16 Jul 2009

Late Night Taxi

Been wanting to do another night time image for a while so I got this one done, which is of London taxis.

14 Jul 2009

Rubbish man

This is an illustration about 'unseen people in the city', which is basically referring to the people that help maintain and run our cities in the background and clean up after our rubbish.

10 Jul 2009

Jelly Illustration

Last week, I was lucky enough to have a portfolio surgery meeting with the lovely people at Jelly Illustration. It was a really useful feedback session with useful advice given and they've recently featured me on their blog, yay! Check it out here

6 Jul 2009

DandAD Show

This time last week, the D and AD show was taking place in Olympia, London and I was lucky enough to take part. Here are a few snaps of what it looked like, it was a successful show and I had some encouraging feedback on my work, which is always a good thing!