29 Jun 2009

Nanami Cowdroy

I recently bought a new skin for my ipod by the artist Nanami Cowdroy, and I checked out her website and think her work is amazing! I really like the japanese influence and the inky style of her work, these are some of my favourites and you can check out her website here

23 Jun 2009

Design for Mankind

The very kind woman at 'Design for Mankind' has done a mini feature about me on her blog! check it out here

22 Jun 2009


Evenin'! I haven't put too much artwork on here recently, but here was a random one I did not so long ago. Its continuing the theme of night and time of day which seems to be creeping more and more into my work. This one is inspired by the late sunsets you get after a long summer's day...:-)

19 Jun 2009

Etsy Shop

Hey everybody, I just thought I would tell you that I have decided to join the Etsy bandwagon! I've put some orginal artwork as well as a small copies of Alphabird for a very decent price, I will be adding some more nice items soon...so stay tunned!

Check out my shop here

15 Jun 2009

End of Year Exhibition

You'll be glad to know that the Westminster Illustration went well and we had a great turnout despite there being a tube strike! For the exhibition, I put all my night time paintings of London up and as you can see we also had tables for our portfolios and sketchbooks! Here are some photos for those of you that couldn't make it down...

8 Jun 2009

Front Page Stunner!

Hey everybody, I just thought I would show you that my "Night Police" image has been put on the front of the Westminster illustration 2009 catalogue, yay! I've posted a few sneeky shots of some more work featured in the catalogue but if you wanna see the rest and you have to pick up your own copy and you can do that by coming to the degree show at P3, Baker St, London! You can see my work in the flesh as well meet me and my other very talented collegues! The private view is this Thursday from 5.30 to 9pm and the exhibition continues until Sunday, I hope you make it. :)
You can visit the website for the exhibition here, where my image has also been used on the front cover:


1 Jun 2009

Arty Farty shots

I've shared a lot of artwork on here and not a lot of photography, so here are some shots of interesting things around London, most of these have been taken on my mobile phone....