23 Nov 2009

Images 34

I was just waiting to make sure everything went through before I announced that one of my images has been chosen to be published in the AOI (Association of Illustrators) Images 34 book! The night time police image (above) will feature in the New Talent section of next year's edition and as soon I get my copy of it, I will post photos on here! :-)

19 Oct 2009

Looking Up

This is some recent work I have done using Illustrator, continuing my interest in the night time aspects of cities...ooooh.

5 Oct 2009

Amazing cityscapes

These are some images of cityscapes that I came across online, loving the moodiness of the night time ones, which are by an illustrator called Lok Jansen, his website can be viewed here

29 Sep 2009


I've never neglected the blog recently but don't worry I have been doing artwork, I just thought I would give your eyes a break from my work. This is a piece from the archives of my harddrive, I completed it during my foundation and it was at a time when I was really into graffiti.

8 Sep 2009

Walking In My Mind

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to catch the 'Walking In My Mind' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London. The gallery always seems to have amazing summer exhibitions, last year was the fantastic 'Psycho Buildings' and this year's show was just as good. I wasn't allowed take photos inside the exhibition but I managed to take some cheeky shots ;-)

3 Sep 2009

Red Car

I just thought I would post this expermental colour version of one the overloaded cars I posted yesterday.

26 Aug 2009


Recently, I've been interested in drawing vehicles that are really overloaded! I think they are great and love the idea that there is always room for more and somehow some of these vehicles actually make it to their destination!

20 Aug 2009

Risk Assessment

Hello everyone, these are some images that I created while I was on a work experience at an advertising agency. The images were roughs for an a credit insurance company and one of the ideas for the advert was having something go wrong in a business or office environment. Although, it was quite a boring subject for me I tried to make the most of it!

17 Aug 2009


Another scan from my sketchbook, this one being of Clowns. I don't find them that scary but I know some people do, sorry if i scared you!