20 Dec 2008

Uniqlo window

This is a photo from the front window of Uniqlo, High St Kensington, London, and i made the base for this cardboard display as shown in the post below!

14 Dec 2008


Here is a a3 drawing of signboards i did for an editorial about removing ugly signboards in Seoul, South Korea. Its not the final piece but just an possible idea. Plently more to come...

4 Dec 2008

Look Right >>>

Mornin', afternoon, evening ppl, here are some illustrations from the book I have been working on which is going to be called "Look Right". There are going to be two versions of the book, these illustrations are for the neat version of the book, and as soon as the other version of the book is done, I will post photos of those. Enjoy these in the mean time and stay warm!

25 Nov 2008

Work Experience

I've been as busy as Obama recently but I somehow found time to help out an talented illustrator (Andy MacGregor) who needed some plinths and chest draws painted and drawn on for the River Island Press Office. I also helped him to make this cardboard 'bang' model which is being used along side 3D stars for the window display of Uni Qlo-Regent's Street! If you do pass the Oxford St, Regent St or High St Kensington UniQlo's, have a look, they have all been designed by Andy!

20 Nov 2008

Some things I like

My book is still under construction, meanwhile here are some Illustrations and photos that I have come across on the web that I like.
peace out!

13 Nov 2008

Book Project

These are some scans from my sketchbook of a book I am making which is Untitled at the moment. The book will contain literal illustrations of phrases used on the street and road....more will be revealed soon....stay posted, peace out!

6 Nov 2008

Campa Store Houses!

I was working at the Campa Store, Old Bond St, for my waitering job and I came across these shoes boxes that had been turned into houses as well as presenting shoes.Inside some of the boxes were living rooms and bedrooms, cool stuff!

4 Nov 2008

Ill Met By Moonlight

Its been a bit quiet on the blog, so I thought I would upload these roughs of a poster for my interpretation of the story and quote-"Ill Met By Moonlight". The quote basically means a bad meeting under moonlight, and i thought i would illustrate a 'ill meeting' with a wild animal in an alley way.

19 Oct 2008

Spy planes on power lines!

These are some illustrations for an editorial article about spy planes that are going to be designed to cling to powerlines so that they can recharge. Crazy old world!

11 Oct 2008

Powerlines Galore

Here is a recent drawing of lots and lots of powerlines I completed on a1 sized paper! It is part of the power project, in which I have been looking at the way power is transported.

6 Oct 2008


Here are some photos of a random collaboration with some fellow illustrators friends. It wasn't really planned out, but something had to be done on that massive piece of cardboard, it was a blank canvas!

3 Oct 2008

More night time images

These images have been created for a project on 'Power' and I have been looking at the way power is connected and transported through powerlines.

23 Sep 2008

3 moons

Some recent artwork, I wish there was more moons in the sky....

8 Sep 2008

New art for the homepage of the website...

This is a new image I created for the homepage on my website, its called-'Heart of the city'

24 Aug 2008

Sziget 08'

I recently went to my first music festival, Sziget, which took place on an island in Budapest and I had an amazing time. I think I have been converted to the whole music festival scene now, there was a friendly and lively atmosphere with everyone having a fun time. Its also really great that you have so much choice of things to do and see at the festival with a variety of music to hear as well. I also got my face painted with a Keith Haring design (above).Oh yeah!

1 Aug 2008

Akira screenshot

This is a picture taken from the film Akira, which is a classic manga animation, set in the a future Tokyo, the film has inspired some my own cityscapes, check it out!