26 May 2009

Little Alex

Here are some spreads from a children's book I completed called 'Little Alex'. The story is about a little canal boat called Alex who faces his fear. The full book can be seen on my flickr page here

ps: I've also entered two t-shirt designs on teetonic.com, so please vote them if you can, thanks! :)

18 May 2009


Continuing the Type Festival that seems to be taking place on my blog, these are some some 'text as image' illustrations of the word 'Show', which was for the front cover of the catalogue of the forthcoming degree show. It was from this project that the Alphabirds were born.

In other news, I am one of 4 lucky people in my class to have my portfolio chosen for the portfolio surgeries at the DA&D show, Olympia, 1st July. This will mean it will be seen by professionals, argh!

12 May 2009


Seeing that my last few posts have been typed based, this was something I did earlier in the year and it was a personal project. I think Amsterdam's an amazing city, somewhere I would like to live for a short while, definitely worth a visit!

8 May 2009