30 Apr 2009


As you can see at the top of the page I have a new header! This was for a book I made called 'Alphabird', which is basically an A-Z of birds making the shapes of the alphabet! Here is are some letters and I'll reveal some more later on, so stay tuned amigos...

23 Apr 2009

Even more sketchbook work...

Continuing the posting of sketchbook work, here are some rowers, a treehouse and powerlines all real places and things I have come across in London!

20 Apr 2009

Walking the dog

Herro everyone, here are some images from my sketchbook of people walking their dogs when i was out and about in London. woof!

15 Apr 2009

Sketchbook work

Here's some freshly scanned in sketchbook work, they are from Hyde Park and Speakers corner, a place where anyone is free to speak about what they want every Sunday!

11 Apr 2009


Happy Easter everyone, here are some more night time images for your viewing pleasure!

8 Apr 2009

Night time

After minimizing mostly daytime spaces, I had moved into the night and these are some of images I have come up with, enjoy!

4 Apr 2009

More work

Some more of my recent work, the top one is Liverpool street on a rainy day and the bottom one is Heathrow Airport. Have a good weekend!

1 Apr 2009