29 Jun 2011

Burst Magazine-Typo Issue

Hello again! Another bit of good news, I contributed to the type issue of Burst magazine, they featured my skiphabet and a new illustrated font I recently created called 'Arm Font', inspired by life drawing classes and general observing of human arms, hehe. (Unfortunately, they spelt my surname incorrectly and made me sound like an special curry!) Check out and download the full issue here:

27 Jun 2011

Ballad Of feature...

The lovely lovely girls at Ballad of, have very kindly featured me on their website, check out the full page here: http://balladof.co.uk/2011/06/chetan/

16 Jun 2011


Here are some photos of 'Sorted', that recently took place at the East Gallery, Brick Lane.
The illustrations created for ‘Sorted’ were inspired after traveling through South East Asia. During the trip I documented the different types of food that were eaten, modes of transport traveled on, and statues representing different faiths and beliefs. The show was a success, and there is already talk of a Sorted II next year! Thanks if you came along to the show :)

9 Jun 2011

Flamingo Magazine Interview

The lovely people at Flamingo Magazine have featured and interviewed me on their website, check it out here. :)

8 Jun 2011

Sneak Peek!

Only one day to go until SORTED opens at the East Gallery, Brick Lane, East London, and here's a sneak peek of what I will be exhibiting...:-)