18 May 2012

Patchbox Project

Bonjourno! I was asked by the Elsewhere Factory to take part in the Patchbox Project,  a project that involves more than 50 selected artists from all over the world, who will have their work exhibited at Cargo,  a symbolic space of the Roman avant-garde creative scene based in the vibrant district of Pigneto/East-Rome.
From May 17, 2012 - and during the following three months - the public of CARGO will have the possibility to buy the artworks at the symbolic price of 10 Euros each

By buying the artworks and taking them immediately away, the public will collaborate in the constant change of the exhibition, leaving an empty space for 48 hours after which a new artwork will be on show. The progressive changes of the exhibition will be constantly documented and communicated via the official website and on the CARGO and elsewhere factory social media pages. If you are in Rome in the next 3 months, check it out and take some photos for me please! :)

Here's a small feature by Dazed Digital about the project:


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